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Horoscopes for 28 Jan 2015
Someone wants something their way, you want it yours and much seems to be focussed on you and this other person claiming to have someone else's best interests at heart. Instead of helping them, you risk pushing them away. If you really want to make someone happy, then stop trying so hard to please them.

With the possibility of tiredness or lethargy coming your way, energy levels might take a nose dive. Your list of duties recently is exhaustive in every sense of the word! If others insist on painting the town red or you joining them in some activity, don't be afraid to tell them an early night might suit you more.

Recent separation from someone could be making things slightly tense between you and a decision will have to be made about where things go from here. You and someone else have unfinished business of some sort to attend to and if you thought a particular discussion had been overlooked or forgotten, then be prepared to discover it hasn't!

With change looming on the career front, enjoy the peace or predictability surrounding your day to day routine while it lasts! Enjoy what Americans call 'quality time' with someone close. Make the most of that while it lasts as because it's going to be some time before things calm down enough to be able to do it again.

If your workload has increased through someone being away or your heart's been emptier through a temporary separation, then you'll be relieved soon enough. There's also a curious link to money in all of this and the return of you-know-who will coincide with a boost to your bank balance. Can't say I blame you for being a bit impatient!

Is someone going to keep a promise or put their money where their mouth is? You can't be blamed for being frustrated with not knowing where you stand but for this to happen, an important discussion needs to happen first. Someone has every intention of putting you in the picture, so bide your time for a little while longer.

If someone was a superb actor or extremely crafty at covering their tracks, you probably wouldn't be having the inkling you're having now. Fortunately, they're more transparent than they know. Unfortunately, you're going to have to confront them. Avoid asking open-ended questions that make it easy to avoid the issue. You have a right to receive some answers.

Despite someone's efforts, a communication gap exists between the two of you. Have you become a bit lazy in terms of keeping in touch with them? It's obvious they're keen to communicate with you but won't keep making the effort if you keep fobbing them off. It's time to strengthen a bond. Do so and you'll be glad you did.

The change you want to introduce will be permanent, so think it through carefully. Although many benefits are obvious, there's an element of having to adjust in some way and you might be underestimating potential difficulty. Discipline and hard work will be needed so keep reminding yourself of why you wanted to instigate this change.

It should be obvious that a cherished plan or ambition is moving to a new and exciting level but not without more time and effort on your part. Don't grumble or become despondent. Get on with the task begging for your attention now. You really aren't as far away as you think from being able to progress this at a new and exciting level.

Just as you're becoming used to a situation, it looks set to change. You can thank your ruler, Uranus, for this and if anyone can deal with and adjust to sudden change, you can. Although something's coming to an end, a precedent is being set for the future that's guaranteed to be better suited to what you need.

Look closely time and effort being given to raising your profile. Are you getting the balance right? Is something or someone being neglected through you furthering your own cause in some way? Saturn's departure from your status sector in September will relieve you of this pressure but for now, do something to ensure certain loved ones aren't being sidelined.

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