The creator of THE GRIM RAPPER & NINJA BOY is the very talented animator London Lyric of SuperAnimatrix.com. Teaming up with the brilliant creator of Bored.com to bring you the greatest cartoon to hit the streets of the internet. With amazing cartoon designs and slammin big bangin hip hop beats energized with thunder pounding alternative rock guitar songs. It's an animated adventure sounding like Korn Meets Hip Hop. More highly entertaining episodes to come so stay tuned to Bored.com. Also be on the lookout for THE GRIM RAPPER & NINJA BOY'S album to hit the streets this year on ALKATRAZ RECORDS. Comic books and other great merchandise will be coming soon.

Coming from the dark planet GRIMTON. Cousins of the Grim Reaper. He loves bling, he loves the sing, he loves to rap and roll with his takin no bull cool and laid back partner in rhyme NINJA BOY.

Coming from the high tech futuristic planet NINJA. He loves his parents but they get on his nerves. He hates taking out the trash and cleaning his room so he likes to rap and roll on earth with his deep voiced scary but cool partner in rhyme THE GRIM RAPPER. He loves bling, his scooter, and bustin smooth rhymes sounding a little like Snoop Dogg. He is the coolest ninja around with his incredible martial arts skills.

All of GR and NB's movies may take a little while to load, but are worth the wait, so please be patient. You will also need Flash Player installed on your computer. You can download Flash Player at adobe.com

Episode One:
"Turn Down That Noise"
Episode Two:
"Got To Get Money"

Episode Three:
Episode Four:
"The Haunting"

Episode Five:
"Ninja Boy In Love"
Episode Six:

Episode Seven:
"Ninja Rider"
Episode Eight:
"Ninja Rider 2"

Episode Nine:
"Bringin' Hip Hop Back"
Episode Ten:
"GR & NB Live"

All animation, drawing & voices by
London Lyric at superanimatrix.com

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