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Xmas Troll Cannon

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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Blistmas! Ingratiate your appetite for weird in this quirky xmas game that boasts
influence from Breaking Bad all the way to Santa Clause… Doesn’t that sound… epic? Well it is, more
than you’ll ever know… unless you play it… then you’ll know… grr Anyways! Xmas Troll Cannon is the
newest edition to the popular physics shooting series, Troll Cannon, developed by the illustrious
GameShot. Solve puzzles and think outside the box to beat over 20 unique and customized levels. Use your
cannon and use your mind. Challenge yourself at any time by playing 4 bonus levels. Have fun, and troll
onwards! Upvote Xmas troll cannon on reddit and share with your friends on facebook and twitter… we
want as many people to get trolled by this game as we can! (Plus you’ll get more presents for
Christmas!*) * maybe you will, maybe you won’t… but why risk it? 🙂 Use your mouse to aim the cannon and click to shoot a troll. Try to break through walls andn objects and don’t let anything get in your way… especially those weird dudes! We will be posting an walkthrough next week (for those of you that can’t beat it)n