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Prepare to be a commander of Soldiers in this puzzle war game. Control units, execute attacks and
survive gunfights against swarms of NPC terrorists and paramilitary units. Use your soldiers to defeat
each level, manage items, and eliminate enemy targets in this action-shooter with small, yet innovative
puzzle elements across 30 levels. * Mouse to select units (or Click+Drag) * Click to move, attack, pickup * [Ctrl]+Click ton Rotate unit * [R] to Restart * [Space] to deselect all units Tips: 1. Remember: SPACE DESELECTS UNITS 2.n Barrels – Click on them to shoot them! 3. Soldiers – Have a white glow! 4. Snipers – SHOOT THROUGH SOMEn WALLS! 6. Levels – Remember, they’re short! 5. Tactical Map – USE IT to tell walls from cover!n