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Take the ultimate test of skill at the SkillShow! Tonight’s events feature robots, penguins, lasers,
fire dodging, magnets, Crush-a-goat, mine cart drop, Balance-The-Pig, electric laser raceway, Dragon
Sheep Drop!?, wack a mole, koalas & fire, ducks jumping saw-blades, Blowfish! and more. Press play and
enhance your skills today! The spinner spins around and selects a game. The controls for each game are displayed when then curtains open. Each game you are told a simple hint and the controls – Then Survive! The games getn harder with each additional light. Curtain Colors have specific controls: * RED Curtain – Left &n Right arrow keys * BLUE Curtain – Up & Down arrow keys * YELLOW Curtain – Spacebar * GREEN Curtain -n WASD keysn