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Shark Mountain

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Your mountain home is under attack in this classic shark game! Become a Deadly Shark and defend from
pesky humans miners! Jump out of the water, kill all humans, break helicopters, earn medals, power-ups
and more. Eat all who attempt to destroy your mountain. The number of enemies increases with time, so it
will become important to jump at a best angle and kill as many as possible per jump. Watch the intro movie!1) You are a shark on a mountain. 2) People try to blow up yourn mountain. 3) So you EAT them to stop them! 4) Use your Left/Right arrow keys to control the shark. 5)Tryn not to jump off the freakin’ mountain. 6) Get a highscore!Pretty easy right? – Green Powerup is bettern walls – Orange is repairs – Blue kills all minersn