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Recordshop Tycoon

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Hi, welcome to Rubato Hills! Shortly youll embark on an epic journey which will eventually see you
become the wealthiest and happiest citizen in town! Well, either that or youll fail miserably and end up
in the gutter, selling your kidney and a lung to make it through another week. The recordshop business
is not an easy one, you see. There are lots of factors you need to keep in mind, lots of variables you
need to change based on your customers, your store, events in town, the list goes on. Should you have
what it takes you�ll have a good time though! There are multiple properties you can buy and outfit
with new objects to attract more and richer customers. There are lots of opportunities and possibilities
to expand your business in Rubato Hills. Good luck and have fun! Oh and by the way, there are 3
leaderboards in the game, after 25, 50 and 100 days, and your progress is saved automatically after
every day. So if you need a break don�t be afraid youll lose your progress if you quit the game. Use the mouse.