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Live Escape – Snow Storm

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You’re trapped in a snowstorm! Use your Mouse to point & click on objects in the game. Escape before your health reducesn fully. How will your mind work if you are really trapped in the snow storm. Use presence of the mind ton utilize the objects found in this place to make an escape. Post your walkthroughs! Here’s something ton get you started… 1. Get Shovel in Snow 2. Use Shovel to clear Snow from Green Highway Sign – See thatn Help is 1018 3. Pick up red cloth from tree 4. Back up, click snow covered car on left of screen 5. Usen Shovel to clear snow from car (until the shovel stands up on the right side of screen by itself) 6. Gon in car, press wiper button on steering wheel (see Key on wiper blade) 7. Click drivers door to gon outside, click front of car to see front window and get key. 8. Go back in car press heater buttonn (center console left round button) so dash says “5 C”. 9. Use key on glove box to get map with locationn coordinates (105W 40N) 10. Click passenger seat to get cell phone. 11. Dial Help which was “1018” 12.n Press “#”, Enter number coordinate “100” then press “#” to switch for letter coordinates “W”, then don the same with the second coordinate “40N” 13. They can’t find you so go outside car and place red clothn on shovel. 14. Go back inside car, see snow mobile resuce through windown