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Haunted Manor Escape

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Are you prepared for a horror escape game? You wake up in a blood-filled mansion, your head hurts and
you are all alone. The exits are locked. What happened here? What is this place? The only thing that is
for sure is that you have to find a way to get out of the Haunted Manor alive! With many ways to die,
and wrong things to click on, this really is one of the scariest escape games you will ever play! Grungy
high detailed graphics will have you searching through rooms looking for those hidden objects! Make sure
to move fast though, there is something here with you… And it sounds hungry! Use your Mouse to navigate the spooky manor. Left-Click to pick up objects. Drag objects onton other objects to combine them in your inventory and create new (useful) items.If you see a monster, actn quickly and kill it with your weapon!Good luck!n