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Exit Wound 2

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Destroy a secret stickman prototype weapon in Exit Wound 2 missions! Shoot up 3D stickman enemies who
are are stronger, equipped with armor and enhanced firepower. Infiltrate the heavily armed compound, use
machine guns, sniper rifles, automatics and prove your special ops and tactical skills. Watch out for
traps and be warned, there is a low chance of return. Good luck soldier!Play the original Exit Wound –
Click Here! Play more Stick & Shooting Games! Collect keycards to open doors. Stickmen are wearing armor and require multiple shots. Follown the Mission Briefing. If you need help Watch the Exit Wound 2 Walkthrough Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys.n (Hold shift with arrow key to sidestep around walls and doorways) Weaponry: Mouse to aim, click to fire.n R Key to reload. Q Key to lay mines (when available – only one at a time). Spacebar toggles zoom if yourn current gun has a scope.n