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Escape 3D: Jail Cell

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With jail bars broken and your old prison cell in complete disarray – freedom from Escape 3D: The Jail
(part 1) was short-lived. You escaped the jail, took on a disguise and went on the run. You thought you
were a free man…but the FBI caught you and sent back to the slammer. You must escape again in Escape
3D: Jail 2! Find items left by the previous inmate and combine them to create new items to aid your
escape. The guards were keen on giving you a maximum security cell with bars that cannot be broken.
There must another way, perhaps a clever diversion will do the trick and get guard to unlock the door? Watch the Escape 3D: Jail Cell on Use your Mouse. Gather items and combine objectsn to help you escape.Play mobile Escape Games – Escape 3D: Jail Cell is Coming to iPhone / iPad / iTouch.n