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How tough are you without your upgrade? Why do you always have to upgrade in games, how about trying out
degrading for once! Start off with awesome upgrades on crazy weapons in this top-down shooter game and
each level a weapon will break causing you to degrade! You’ll have to use you’re own skill to get
through the next level! Don’t worry though, every few levels you’ll get new improved weapons! Gain up to
50 upgrades to mow down enemies by the hundreds! But when you lose them it’s all you and your skill,
let’s see if you’re good enough to make it through! Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Aim with your mouse. HOLD down the mouse button to shoot. Killn all of the enemies to progress to the next level. Once you beat a world, you’ll gain more weapons ton play with. If you go to survival mode you can sell your upgrades for more healthn