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Death House

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Solve deadly puzzles with funny puppets in a scary Death House. Complete each room in 30 seconds by
eliminating enough puppets…Shoot them, fry em, use bombs and more! Kill them all or you fail! WOW!
Funny little puppets living in a Death House? These puppets are SO BAD…Do you know why? Because they
hate games! Can you tolerate this? Better not, now go KILL THEM! Need help killing all puppets? Watch the Death House walkthrough video -> Click Here! Hown do you win? Kill the required amount of puppets on each level. Guide them to their demise byn strategically using weapons and solving puzzles. These puppets dont die easy! How do you kill puppets?n Use guns to freeze, burn & rocket them! Light puppets on fire, use bombs, dynamite, spiders, rats,n exploding sheep!?, grinders, electricity, scare tactics and more!n