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Christmas Chaos

Please accept the usage of cookies before you can play

Santa’s Gone CRAZY! Destroying everything! Control him and take out everything! Candy Canes, trees,
snowmen, stars, anything that you can find DESTROY! Hurry, the elves are trying to stop you. Swing
around and take things out in this awesome physics action skill Christmas badass awesome candy filled
crazy epic game! (PHEW that sentence was long :p). Play More Addictive Christmas Games: Swing left and right with arrow keys our A and D. Go back and forth to gain some speed. Whilen going to the right, press Space and you’ll let go of the rope and go flying. Press Space again when youn start to fall to grab on again. Hold a direction when you press space to send the rope in thatn direction. Destroy as many decorations and presents as you can before reaching the finish line! Hurryn and don’t let the elves catch you!n