Death and Dying Euphemisms

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Death Euphemisms
  1 Person Chamber
15 minutes of flame
20,000 bodies into the past
6 Foot Death Trap
7 steps to heaven
a little folding of the hands to sleep
a little sleep
a little slumber
A lot of death
A Place below that reminds us of above
A Place in the Sun
A real dead beat
A really grave situation
a stiff
A Tangible hemisphere
Adios Park
After Life Dwelling
After limbo
After the Last Chance
All Souls Camp
an awfully big adventure
And it has 7 steps
Angels Ways
answer the last call
Apparently Out!-House
Ash Can
Assumed Room Temperature
at the end of one's rope
Avenue of souls
awake to life immortal
Bad shot's reunion
basting the formaldehyde turkey
be all over with one
be gathered to one's fathers
be no more
be taken
Beehive tomb
Beneath the shade tree
bereft of life
Big sleep
bite it
bite the big one
bite the biscuit
bite the dust
bless the world with one's heels
Bob's Used Coffin Lots
Body barters
Body dump
Body Farm
Body humidifer
Body Park
Bone bayou
Bone Garden
Bone Ground
Bone house
Bone Orchard
Boneyard bonanza
Boogey Land
Boot hill
bought a pine condo
Bought a Yugo
bought his lunch
bought the disk farm
Bought The Farm
Boxes o'bones
break one's neck
breathe one's last
Bucket Kicking Carnival
Burial ground
Burial Mound
Burial place
Burial Plot
Burning ghat
Bury Patch
Butt Can
buy the farm
buy the farm
cached in his chips
Cadaver City
Cadaver Cushin
Cadaver park
Can Can
Captive audience
Carcass Cache
Carcass motel
Carrion Heaven
cash in your chips
cash out
cashed in
Castle greyskull
catch one's death
Cave of the Dead
cease to breathe
cease to live
Cement Tree
Chamber of the dead
Charnel house
Checked into the Wooden Waldorf
checked out
City of Angels
City of Eternal Rest
City of Forever Peace
City of the damned
City of the dead
City of the doomed
City of the silent
City Square
climb the Golden Stair
close one's eyes
Coffin Showroom
coiled up his ropes
Cold feet village
Cold Storage
Coldest place in the world
collapsed his/her outline
come to an untimely end
come to dust
Community Gallows
Community of Decay
Compost container
Compost heap
condition non-conducive to life
cooking for the Kennedys
Corpse City
Corpse Condos
Corpse Corner
Corpse depot
Cremation urn
cross on the Stygian ferry
Cross Ranch
cross the bar
cross the Great Divide
cross the Stygian ferry
crossing the bar
Crossing the Bridge
crossing the river
Crow station
Crow-bait farm
Crypt of the dead
Crypt of zombies
curled up his toes
Daisy Patch
Daisy pushin' patch
Dance floor for the last horizontal tango
dance on air
dangle in the sheriff's picture frame
Dark Carnaval
Dark Dancefloor
Dark grounds of doom
Davey Jone's parlor
Davey Jones's Locker
D'dants farm
dead as a dodo
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Dead center
Dead domain
Dead house
Dead House
Dead Man's Party
Dead People's Place
Dead silence
Dead Zone
Deadbangers Ball
Dead's Park
Death drop off - You kill we bury them
Death fields
Death Lot
Death Row
Death Suite
Death's Bedroom
Death's Castle
Death's Domain
Death's door
Death's doorway
Death's Gate
Death's Parlor
Death's playground
debt we all must pay
Decay buffet
Decomposers notes at rest
Deep 6 Garden
Deep six
deleted from the BOM
Dem' Bones, Dem' Bones...
Denizen of the dead
depart this life
Departed Line
Desfile de tumbas
Deterioration Chamber
Devil's House
Devil's playground
Devil's Soulmine
Devil's Tomb
Dew Drop Dead Inn
die a natural death
die a violent death.
Diedcast metal Coffins museum
Dirt Bed
Dirt discoteque
Dirt Dorm
Dirt Nap Hotel
Dirt Nap Motel
Dirt of Souls
Dirt vaults
Dirtnap central
Dirt-nap Dorm
Dirty Yellow Submarine
DK corral
Doggy digs
Doggy heaven
Dog's Paradise
Dogs World
donating the liver paté
done like dinner
Doorway/portal between worlds
Down Under
Dozin' dozens, reposin'dozens
Dr. Frankenstein's "Farm"-acy
drop dead
drop down dead
drop into the grave
drop off
Dropping mall
Dump of dead diddlers
Dungeon of Doom
Dungeon of the Damned
Dust bin
Dust factory
Dust to dust reunion
Dwelling of the Dead
E. T. Bone Home
Earthsuit Closet
Earthy bed
Earwig Farm
Eating a dirt sandwich
Elisian Fields
Empty Case Case
End of the line
End of the Material Line
end one's days
end one's earthly career
end one's life
Endless vacationland
Eternal care facility
Eternal damnation
Eternal hangover
Eternal home
Eternal Resting Place
Eternal Vacation
Eternity's Foyer
exported to a flat file
face-planting the meringue
fade away
faded away
Failure to meet their wellness potential
fall dead
fall down dead
Falling Downhill at Top Speed
Fallow Fields
Family Plot
Fancy digs
feed the fishes
Fenced in hollow ground
Fertilizer Square
fettucine al dead-o
Fiddler's Green
Field of Screams
Fields and fields of bones
Fields of the dead
filleting the soul
Final bed
Final Quiet

Final resting place/spot
Final snoozing place
for whom the bell tolls
Forever City
formatted with black borders
Fossil farm
Frankenstines workshop
Freddy's Hangout
Free sex for those who dig
Free Worm Food
freeing the spirit
Full of Farmers
Funeral Pyre
Funerary grounds
Funerary Temple
Garden of Darkened Souls
Garden of Death
Garden Of Eden
Garden of Lost Souls
Garden of remembrance
Garden of Rest
Garden of Serenity
Garden of shadows
Garden of silence
Garden of sleep
Garden of souls
Garden of stone
Garden of stones
Garden of the Sleepers
Gargoyle garage
gate of life
Gate to the Dream world you've been waiting for
Gateway to Hades
get knocked off
get pasted
get smeared
get sporked off
get toasted
get whacked
get your halo
Ghost Town
give an obolus to Charon
give up the ghost
give up the ghost
go home feet first
go home in a box
go off
go off the hooks
go out like the snuff of a candle
go the way of all earth
go the way of all flesh
go to a necktie party
go to a necktie social
go to Abraham's bosom
go to Davy Jones's locker
go to meet one's maker
go to one's just reward
go to one's last account
go to one's last home
go to one's long account
go to one's rest
go to the happy hunting ground
go to the last roundup
go to the wall
go west
God's acre
God's Goldmine
God's Holy Grounds
God's playground
God's resting place
goin' to a dance pawty wit' Gawd!
going into the fertilizer business
Golf course where every one gets a hole in one
Gone Flying
Gone Home
Gone Home Motel
gone on to his reward
gone to a better place
gone to meet his maker
gone to the big glass house in the sky
Grateful Dead
Graveyard of Souls (after dark)
had his lot
had his/her 80-column card punched
Hades Dominion
Hade's Half-Acre
Hades' home
Hade's Playground
Hallowed Ground
hand in one's checks
hand in one's chips
hang up your tack
Happy hunting grounds
Harvest of souls
has reservations at the Chateau Eternity
has run down the curtain to join the choir invisible
Haunt Spot
Haunting hollow
Headstone Gallery
Headstone Garden
Headstone Park
Heads-up club
Hearse Pit-stop
Heaven for the Dead
Heavenly Haven
Heaven's Door
Heaven's Gate
Hell ground
Hell Hole
Hell's Gate
Hell's grim tyrant
He's dead Jim
He's on a one way trip
his lot has ceased to be
his number's up
hollow box
Home of the heroes and legends
Home Sweet Home
Home to stay
hop the twig
Horizontal Hilton
Hotel California
House of death
House of nothing
House of the Dead
Human dumpyard
Hump 'n' dump
I told you I was sick
I WILLED My Life Away!
Ichabod's Isle
immortally challenged
in the sweet hereafter
information superhighway roadkill
inspired a new warning message
Interment Ground
is no more
Isolation Chamber
It's life Jim but not as we know it !
it's Taps
John doe's haven
join one's ancestors
join the angels
join the greater number
join the majority
Just Add Maggots
karked it
Kavorkian's Trophy Case
kick the bit bucket
kick the bucket
kick the can
kicked the bucket
Kicked the oxygen habit
kind Nature's signal of retreat
kiss the dust
Kitty litter box
kneel at the big gates
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Land of no return
Land of the Dead
Landscapes of Granite Ghosts
Last exit to Brooklyn
Last Gasp Saloon
Last Losenge
Last Lounge
Last Lover's Lane
Last Pit Stop on the Highway of Life
Last plantation
Last Refuge
Last safety deposit box
Last sleep
Last Stand
Last Stop
Last stop to paradise
Last time-out
launched into eternity
lay down one's life
left the building
Lich gate
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded
Lonely SDF (Solo Dead Figure)
Long barrow
Long home
lose one's life
Loser's club
Lost collection of mortals
lost in translation
Lost souls of today
Maggot Munchkinland
mailed in his/her warranty card
make one's will
Mamma always said, Life is like a row of coffins, never one'll fit
Marble Mall
Marble orchard
Marble Ranch
marinating in soil and worms
Matter Check-In Post
meet one's death
meet one's end
meet one's maker
meet the reaper
Memorial Gardens
Memorial park
Memorial property
Memory lane
Metabolically Challanged
Miracle Hair Salon n' Nails
Misery's palace
Morrison hotel
Mortal world's exit
Mortician's Scorepad
Most popular place in town
Motel Deep 6
Motel Eternity
Mother Nature's Acres
moved into upper management
Murder Victims Anonymous
My Peaceful escape
Mystical world of the dead
Narrow house
Necrophiliac Heaven
Necrophiliac singles bar
Necrophiliac's Brothel
Necrophiliac's Dream
Necrophiliacs' singles club
Needin' a Nap
negative patient care outcome
Never ending dirt bath
Never ending party
Never never land
never-ending trip
Night's Plutonian Shore
No Brain Hotel
No longer eligible for the census
NOW you're f#$@ed!
Obituary Mambo Club
off the record
Oh no,,, oh no,,,
OJ's house
Old Crow's Nest
on the Hell Express/express elevator to Hell
on the road to nowhere
Organic rot fest
Out of business
Parking Place
pass away
pass in one's checks
pass in one's chips
pass over Jordan
passed on
passed on before us
Past People Plantation
Pastures of Peace
Pauper's hill
pay one's debt to nature
pay the debt to nature
pay the piper
peasant under grass
peg out
People Farm
Permanent retirement park
Permanent vacation
permanently out of print
Pet semetery
picking up your harp
Pine box palace
Pit City
Pit of stank
Place for Dead People
Place of Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
Place of doom
Place of eternal darkness
Place of eternal rest
Place of interment
Place of Judgement
Place of Nirvana
Place of no return
Place of Peace
Place of rest
Place of the Dead
Place of the final sleep

Place people are dying to get into
Place Where the Sun Don't Shine
Playground for the Undead
Playing harp duets with Hoffa
Please kill me,,, whoops, to late
Pluto's vacation yard
Pod Pod
Point of No Return
pop off
pop off the hooks
Potter's field
printed white on white
Procrastinator's paradise
prolonged sleep
promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector
pull the plug
Purgatorial preparation place
pushin' up parsley
Pushing Up Daisies
Pusing up Posies
put in the crisper
put on immortality
Reaper's paradise
receive one's death warrant
reformatted by God
relinquish one's life
Repo(se) depot
Residence of death
resign one's being
resign one's breath
resign one's life
Rest Home for the Damned
Rest In Peace
Resting grounds
Resting Place
rests in peace
retroactive abortion
ride the lightning
RIGGA bell if MORTIS wakes up
RIP Central
Roach motel
Rottenskull Cafe
rung down the curtain and joined the Choir Invisible
Sacred soil
Salon of Souls
sampling the French Onion Soup with a salmonella spoon
Satan’s tools
School Cafeteria
Scrap heap of souls
sent to the dirt archives
Sepulchral cist
SFU Express (six feet under express)
Shaft tomb
shed the mortal coil
Shell Box
shit the bed
Shouldn't have sniffed that last line...**sniff**
Shrine city
Shrouded souls -n- dirt
shuffle off this mortal coil
shuffle off this mortal coil
Silent city
singing with the angels
Single room flat
Single Unit Morphing Station
sink into the grave
six feet under
Six Feet Under Collection
Six feet under home for the homeless
Skeleton slumber party
Skull orchard
Sleep City
Sleep of Transition
sleep with the fishes
Sleepin' Single
sleeping with the quiches
slip one's cable
slowly cooling to room temperature
slug suckin apartment complex
Slumber site for souls
Smorgasbord of decay
snuff it
Solitary Confinement
Solo Flight
Soul Garden
Soul Patch
Souls last domain
Soul's Morgue
South of the frostline
sowing the Elysian Fields
Spawn pit
Specter's hectare
Spirit's playground
Spook nook
Stable of the pale horse
Stairway to heaven
Stairway to hell
Stationary Vehicle
step onto one's last bus
step out
Stiff city
Stiff Slumber
stone dead
Stone Orchard
Storage Space
street pizza
struck out by the Big Blue Pencil
Summer Lands
sun one's moccasins
surrender one's life
Swamp Death
take a dirt nap
take an earth bath
take one's last sleep
take the last count
taken out of production
Termination station
that dreamless sleep
that fell arrest which summons the all without bail
that fell sergeant
that good night
that grim ferryman
The Angels enchanted gardens
the big jump
the big sleep
the bosom of the Father and his God
The Bottom Line
The Couch of dreamless sleep
the crown of life
The Crypt of doom
The Dark Lord's Palace
the downward path
the dread abode
The Drop-dead-fred bed
The Dungeon
the empty vessel
The Ending of Lifecycles
The Eternal nap
The Eternal pit
The Eternal room
The Eternal sleep of no escape
the eternal yawn
The Fat Lady has sung
The Final Destination
The Garden of Forever
The Gates of The Underworld
The Gateway to Eternity
The Granite Garden
The Great Below
The Great Beyond
the great leveller
The Groundhog's den
the Hamlet sleep
The Happy bouncie hunting ground of DOOM
The Hill
The Holding Pen
The Hollow lands
The Human egress
the inevitable hour
The Inn of the Wandering Souls
the journey's end
the king of terrors
the latter end
The Medieval Zone
the Notorious D.O.A.
The Other realm
the pale priest of the mute people
The People landfill
The Place of the spirits
The Place where Grampy lives
The Place where time stops
The Raven's Haven
The Real Graveyard shift
The Records of the Day the Man Did Fall
The Safest place in the world
the seamouth of mortality
The Shroud
the sleeping partner of life
The Tax shelter
The Terminal
The Undiscovered country
The Up to 10000 and still counting knockout
The Valley of the Souls
The Waiting room
The Wife's Trophy Case
The Wooden Bed
The World beyond
This place is dead
Threefold Return
Threshold to Eternity
Time Capsule
To Be Continued
To Thine Own World Be Dead
toes up
Toes Up Lot
Tomb of the Dead
Tomb Town
Too Dark Park
Total Relaxation
Tower of silence
Toxic Lock-Up
Transition Chamber
Transmutation Chamber
tribute due unto nature
turn one's face to the wall
turn to dust
turn up one's toes
turning up daisies
Underground Condo
Underground Hotel
Unmovable spot
Urn cemetary
Valley of the dead
Valley of the Kings
Vermin Village
Village of the Darned
Virginia's Vault
vis a vis the metabolic processes
visiting Davy Jones' locker
Volleyball court where everyone gets a dig
Vultures' reason for starvation
walked the plank
was beamed up
Wasted space
Watch-where-you-Step Land
wear a glass necklace
wearing a columbian necktie
wearing cement overshoes
wearing concrete galoshes
wearing concrete shoes
Wedding Day with the Worms
went on-line
What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
When the fat lady sings
widowed and orphaned
Witches' Playpen
Worm Buffet
Worm Condo
worm eating
Worm Farm
worm food
Worm pit
Worm trough
Worm work farm
worms meat
Worms Night Out
Worm's Restaurant
Worst place to hold a necrophilliac's anonymous meeting
Yard of farewells
Yard of graves
Yard of tombs
Ye old fossil collection
yield one's breath
yield up the ghost
Your arms are too short to box with God
Your kidding me, right
Your tax dollars at work
Zombie Hang out
Zombie Inn
Zombie insane asylum
Zombie Land
Zombie playground
Zombie zone
Zombie zoo
Technical Writers’ Euphemisms for Death
  Lost in translation.
Widowed and orphaned.
Formatted with black borders.
Moved into upper management.
Went on-line.
Deleted from the BOM.
Printed white-on-white.
Mailed in his/her warranty card.
Collapsed his/her outline.
Was struck out by the Big Blue Pencil.
Inspired a new Warning message.
Permanently Out of Print.
Cooking Euphemisms for Death
  Pushin' Up Parsley
Put in the Crisper
Fettucine Al Dead-o
Has Reservations at the Chateau Eternity
Sleeping with the Quiches
Filleting the Soul
Face-Planting the Meringue
Basting the Formaldehyde Turkey
Donating the Liver Pate
Peasant Under Grass
Marinating in Soil and Worms
Promoted to Subterranean Truffle Inspector
Just Add Maggots
Sampling the French Onion Soup with a Salmonella Spoon
Cooking for the Kennedys
Slowly Cooling to Room Temperature
Internet Euphemisms for Death
  Clicked the bucket
Invested in Pointcast
Visiting the Chat Tomb
No longer able to view the web's hottest women
Opened "GOOD TIMES!"
Transferred to WWW.HasBecome.Com/post
404ever, Pulse Not Found
.Installed the Kevorkian Plug-n-Play
Assigned to the Hale Bopp Project
It Doesn't Matter Whether You've Got Mail
Writers euphemisms for death
  Made the big deadline.
Taking minutes for the Maker.
Went to that big spelling checker in the sky.
"Lateral mobility."
The final Edit.
The eternal offsite assignment.
Documented the Big D.
Very, very passive voice.
An improvement over technical writing.
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